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Most of the actions and tasks performed by companies generate a large volume of confidential information in the form of different documents: an invoice, a purchase order, a payment order, payroll, etc. Implementing the 9 IT security measures is of vital importance for our company to be able to work correctly and to comply with current data protection regulations.

In this article, we are going to indicate the 9 basic computer security measures that our company must carry out to protect its information.

The 9 measures that secure your company’s information

By complying with these 9 basic IT security measures, our company will be able to guarantee that your data is protected.

  1. Tighter data access controls

How to protect a company’s information? One of the main security measures is to limit access to information. The fewer people who have access to information, the lower the risk of it being compromised. Therefore, it is necessary to implement in our company a system that prevents to give access to unnecessary data, to a user, client, etc.

  1. Make backup copies

Having a system of periodic backup copies allows the company to guarantee that it can recover the data in the event of a catastrophic incident, preventing the loss of the data and allowing the recovery of normal working conditions in just a few minutes.

  1. Use secure passwords

Access to the different platforms used by the company (e-mail, NAS backup server, etc.) must be done using secure passwords that prevent them from being easily discovered by hackers. The use of secure passwords is one of the most important IT security measures in a company.

  1. Protect e-mail

Nowadays, most of our company’s communications are carried out using e-mail. Therefore, another security measure is to use anti-spam filters and message encryption systems to ensure the protection and privacy of all this information.

  1. To contract an integral software of security

How to protect information on the Internet? The best way is to contract an integral security package that contains antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, firewall, etc., and that allows to protect the information against possible external attacks through Internet.

  1. Use DLP software

There are data loss prevention programs (DLP) that can be implemented as a security measure in our company to supervise that no user is copying or sharing information or data that should not be.

  1. Working in the cloud

Working in the cloud allows, among other advantages, to count on the information security systems of the service provider. In addition, this provider will be responsible for that security.

  1. Involving the whole company in security

In order that the measures of computer science security of a company work, we must involve in its participation all the estates that participate in the same one, including the external agents as they can be clients, suppliers, etc. Many times, our company has implemented the correct security systems, and the breach in the same one, takes place when relating to a third party that lacks these security measures.

  1. Continuous monitoring and immediate response

We must implement a system in our company that allows us to monitor data management and detect possible failures or incorrect actions. This control system will allow us to act quickly to solve any incident and minimize its repercussions.