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How to Avoid Data Recovery Costs

How to Avoid Data Recovery Costs

A company’s most important asset is its information. It is the material that the company uses to work with. And there is company information, which the company produces itself, and customer information. In any case, any information belonging to these two sides of the coin is vitally important and can never be treated lightly.

Having said this, you already understand the importance of proper data storage, right? Now imagine what would happen if, for example, you lost this data? And it doesn’t matter why.

It could have been the action of a hacker, an unexpected tragedy of nature, or it could even have been unintentional. The point here is that you will need to recover this information. Isn’t it?

What if it is very important information? How do you go about recovering it?

If you have ever been in this kind of situation, you know that data recovery (depending on how it was lost) can be a very expensive endeavor.

And the problem starts with the fact that the data is only being stored on one hard drive.

Well, precisely for this reason, let’s now see how best to avoid spending money on data recovery.

But first let’s try to understand why recovery is so expensive.

Factors to consider about HD recovery

There are many details that make every hard drive recovery a unique and hardly repeatable job. Among the things that need to be considered when recovering are:

  • Assessment of the damage done to the hard drive and its components
  • How much data will invariably need to be recovered
  • And what would be the urgency to do so

It is also necessary to understand whether the damage is mechanical or electrical, because this already completely changes the data recovery strategy.

And it is by taking all this into account that you calculate both the time and the cost of this process, which in most cases is always high.

The Costs of Data Recovery

Recovering data from a hard disk, for example, requires many specialists. Skilled people in the fields of computer science and even engineering contribute a lot of their knowledge.

A rigorous organization of the recovery environment is another big cost. To give you an idea, it is necessary that the rooms have extremely precise control of temperature, ventilation, and air quality.

Security must also be taken care of, as hard disks cannot be stolen, touched, or used by unauthorized persons.

There is also a very large additional cost if some parts need to be replaced, because besides being necessary to purchase them, many times they are not even available in the country and therefore need to be imported.

And finally: state-of-the-art technology like disc platter restoration is quite costly. And for these and other reasons you should not be surprised when you come across a bill from a hard disk recovery specialist.

They really go to a lot of expense to be able to recover data from a location that, most of the time, would be easier to overlook.

Labor and technology do not come cheap, and you probably know this considering that you invest in improvements for your company constantly, don’t you?

Don’t lose your data

If you want to avoid spending money on recovering your data, money that you could be investing much better within your company, you need to be safe. And the best way to do this is to use a backup.

If you have a good data backup system that does it every day, you will never have to worry about data loss again, because all your company information will be there, backed up and safe to be retrieved at any time with the greatest ease in the world.

Of course you can’t rely only on physical backup with external hard drives, if you can, invest in a cloud backup solution. By using a cloud backup you are much more assured of the safety of your information. And not only that.

Here are some advantages of cloud backup:

  • Increased speed of data storage
  • Increased security accompanied by data encryption
  • Real-time backup update
  • Easier and faster restoration of a file or folder

There is no magic formula

If you want to avoid the expense of data recovery your best option is to prevent it in the first place. You may have to experience losing poorly stored data at least once before you finally realize how important it is.

And it is at the second and third occurrence that you will then realize how much money you save by just being careful.